Secure Web Backups and Publishing for Mac
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Secure Backups/Folder Synchronization with Encryption

Running a small business and need secure off-site backups for your intellectual property? Need security and easy access to your data at a low cost? We can help you!

With AASync, there is no need for any special (read: expensive) server software! Make internet backups of your private data to *any* FTP/SFTP server, WITHOUT compromising your data security. Perfect for small business and people on the go!

Do all this at an extremely low cost!
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  • Backup or publishing sync
  • Encrypted backups for total data security
  • Easy browsing of Encrypted backups
  • FTP/SFTP Off-site backups
  • Selective retrieval of files/folders
  • Powerful logging facility
  • Scheduled, unattended sync runs
  • Unicode support in filenames
  • Compatible with most FTP-SFTP servers
  •
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