Secure Web Backups and Publishing for Mac
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Secure FTP/SFTP Folder Synchronization with Encryption

Backing up to an external drive? Backing up to an internet backing store? Publishing your website to an FTP/SFTP server?

AASync is the tool to use!

  • Folder Sync on the Local Host.
  • Folder Sync from the Local Host to a Remote Host using SFTP or FTP-SSL (also known as FTPS).
  • Folder Sync from a Remote Host to the Local Host using SFTP or FTP-SSL.
  • Archived backup sync with optional file content encryption for total data security.
  • Mirror or Cumulative Folder Sync.
  • Easy retrieval of All data from any backup sync, local or remote.
  • Easy browsing/retrieval of your files on the road using AASync's platform independent "Retrieve Definitions".
  • Easy browsing of archived /encrypted backups, retrieval of selected files from any backup sync, local or remote.
  • Any number of simultaneous sync/retrieve operations.
  • Powerful logging facilities. Sync logs can be mailed to the administrator.
  • Unattended scheduled sync with lot of features: scheduled syncs will get done even if AASync is not running. Even more powerful, the machine can be set or wake or power on before a scheduled sync and go to sleep after! AAsync is capable to run completely unattended.
  • As part of scheduling, a Chain Sync can run many syncs one after another, in the background, completely unattended.
  • AAsync will prevent idle sleep if a sync goes on, making sure ongoing synchronizations are not interrupted.
  • AAsync is capable to exclude files by name, extension or full path.
  • Easy browsing of remote systems to pick source or target folder.
  • Filename changes are detected, and thereby the cost of unnecessary file transfers are avoided.
  • Support for Firewalls (SOCKS v5, and Firewall toolkits).
  • Correct handling of Unicode filenames.
  • Mac Only: sync process will retain Finder Info/Resource fork data (including colors) wherever possible, even in FTP/SFTP syncs if Archived mode is used.
  • A Mac (OS 10.5 or above)
  • For remote backups, an FTP or SFTP account (login and password and some space to fill).
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