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Excluding Files or Folders from the Sync

Many times it is necessary to exclude certain files from ther sync process, simply because these files aren't necessary to back up, or even a security rsik to have in the target location. For instance .DS_Store files the Apple Finder often puts into directories, CVS folders, etc... This panel provides an interface to easily exclude files, file types, entire file trees, should that be necessary. Types of exclusions:

  • File Name Extension

    Enter the extensions to be excluded separated by a ; (like html;gif;jpg). Do not put the . before the extension. If you exclude an extension like .o, or .html you are actually excluding a file type. During a sync AASync recusively traverses through the source folder. If in any source folders searched it find files with excluded extension, those files will be skipped. A warning...your files may have extensions even if you cannot see them. By default Explorer does not show the file extensions. It is an option you can turn on in the Explorer's View Options.

  • File Name

    Enter the file names to be excluded separated by a ; (like CVS;foo;bar;). Files can also be dropped in from Explorer/Finder. During a sync AASync recusively traverses through the source folder. Any matches (exact matches only) will cause those files to be skipped. When comparing the file names, AASync will take the character set into account, so if your source folder is on and the destination is on a Mac, filenames will be translated into UTF8 before comparing them. Most hidden system files are already excluded, there is no need to list those here.

  • File Path

    Enter the file paths separated by a ; , like
    Files can also be dropped in from Explorer/Finder. DO NOT escape spaces or other special characters, and be sure to separate the paths by a semicolon. Unlike the previous two exclusions, these guys will match exactly one file in your source tree (or none) and that one file will be excluded from the sync.

  • Exclude hidden unix files

    If turned on, all files whose name starts with a dot (like .cshrc) will be excluded (default is ON).

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