Concrete Patio

Concrete Steps (also known as Concrete stairs are the main focal point of many entrances to businesses and homes. Concrete stairs may be formed and colored as well as designed to suit the look of any entrance. It is possible to color and stamp the concrete stairs to appear like brick, stone or wood, and many …

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Common Concrete Problems And Fixes

Concrete can bring elegance and durability to all kinds of residential and commercial projects. It’s great for driveways, parking spaces, patios, roads walkways, and more. Concrete can also give an attractive appearance. Concrete has numerous advantages it’s not always flawless. Poor processes and improper maintenance, in conjunction with specific weather conditions, can cause a variety of problems …

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Most Popular Stamped Concrete

As a stamped concrete contractor myself, I construct lots of stamped concrete walkways, patios and pool decks. I surveyed 100’s of other stamped concrete contractors in the U.S. and asked them to list their most popular designs. Below are the most popular designs for stamped concrete that the contractors mentioned they used the most. The pattern I …

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