Most Popular Stamped Concrete

As a stamped concrete contractor myself, I construct lots of stamped concrete walkways, patios and pool decks. I surveyed 100’s of other stamped concrete contractors in the U.S. and asked them to list their most popular designs. Below are the most popular designs for stamped concrete that the contractors mentioned they used the most. The pattern I …

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Concrete: Whats The Cost

The cost of Concrete Concrete prices vary between $4,954 and $8,138 in the average, and individuals spend between $2,040 and $8.138. Mixed concrete is priced at approximately $125 per cubic yard. Concrete’s cost increases approximately 3.5 per year. The price is lower for a full 10 yards than. unloading since the cost of unloading remains unchanged. …

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Concrete Resurfacing

Many of the homes built in the past fifty years have concrete walkways, driveways, and even both. Concrete has been the most sought-after substance for outdoor projects because of its strength and durability. It will last many years. What can you do when your walkway or driveway constructed of concrete begins to show signs of wear and …

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Best Driveway Materials To Buy

The most popular driveway materials in the U.S. include concrete, gravel asphalt paver stones bricks, and shell. To select the most suitable driveway material for your home take into consideration your climate, the material and their installation costs in addition to the durability, aesthetics, maintenance costs and ease of repair. Before making your choice, you should follow …

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The first question is: What exactly is cement?

Cement is a powder that’s dry that is used as a binding agent. It’s being one of four principal components used in the production of concrete. Combining Portland Cement with water forms an emulsion that solidifies and bonds or “glues” to whatever it’s mixed with. Clearly, the words “concrete as well as cement” are used interchangeably often, …

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