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Should I Get A Concrete Driveway?

If homeowners are thinking about updating their properties, their driveway is among the first items that must be on their minds. A brand-new concrete driveway is one of the most efficient methods to improve the appearance of your home\’s exterior. Along with the appearance, a brand new concrete driveway also provides the ideal surface for your skateboards, bikes, and vehicles and provide an enjoyable place for your children to play. Of of course, there are additional factors to take into consideration when considering the installation of a new driveway. asphalt and different materials come with advantages and disadvantages, however there are many advantages to selecting concrete as your driveway.


One benefit of asphalt driveways is the initial cost that is lower than concrete driveways. Although a lower cost is an important reason to opt for asphalt instead of concrete, you need to consider the durability and maintenance cost for better understanding. The binder elements of asphalt are susceptible to breaking and disintegration and this is the reason this kind of driveway will not last for as long as a concrete driveway.

With the right care and maintenance, the concrete driveway you have installed will last for 30 years or longer. All you have to do is rinse it off with the hose and apply sealant every few years. In general, you can anticipate that an asphalt driveway lasts for about 20 years. A driveway made of asphalt is best cleaned and scrubbed using a stiff broom at minimum twice per year. Additionally the asphalt driveway needs to be sealed-coated every two years. It is essential to get cracks or holes in the asphalt fixed immediately before the damage gets worse.


Cool to the Feel

Since concrete is a light-colored color It doesn\’t get hot to the touch during the summertime. Asphalt is black and absorbs the sun\’s heat and can reach temperatures hot enough to cook eggs. There will be instances when it\’s just too hot and hazardous to play on a driveway made of asphalt as you risk burning yourself.


Concrete driveways aren\’t only limited to the gray and flat look that you see so often. There are a variety of ways how you can improve your concrete driveway, making it look more attractive and distinctive. Stamped concrete comes with a vast and diverse stamp template which will provide your drive with a completely new appearance. It is possible to make your driveway appear like flagstone, tile, brick or even wood by stamping concrete. Once you\’ve selected the design you prefer and color, you can choose the shades. You can get a color driveway should you decide to choose.

We\’d love to talk about the many ways to customize and enhance your driveway with asphalt but you won\’t. There is however an upside should you prefer an ugly and boring driveway, asphalt is the best alternative.

Capacity to Load-Bearing

Since concrete is a non-flexible material, it is able to handle the weight of heavy loads superior to asphalt. While asphalt is able to handle heavy loads like a vehicle or truck machinery can cause flexing which could result in the deformation of pavement layers. If you have to put the dumpster on your driveway for a couple of weeks when you are doing some work the concrete driveway will take the load, which means it won\’t sustain any harm.

Clean Surface

Asphalt driveways can evaporate the oil in the mix and ascend until they reach the ground. When they reach the surface, the oils adhere to your shoes and you may be able to track them throughout your home and onto your carpet. This can be particularly problematic in summer, when temperatures are hot.

However cement doesn\’t release any oil and so you do not have to be concerned about carrying these materials around your house.


If you were to ask your neighbors and friends what kind that driveway materials they\’d pick most would choose concrete. Driveways with concrete tend to sell quicker than houses with asphalt driveways due to the fact that they are more sought-after. Additionally, you have a higher chance of recouping some your driveway costs down future when you decide to choose a cement driveway.

When we\’re talking about selling your home cement driveways can provide an extra aesthetic attractiveness than asphalt driveways. Even if you don’t use colored or stamped concrete, a plain driveway looks more attractive than asphalt driveways. We\’re pretty certain you’ll are in agreement.

It requires a lot of energy to heat the hot mix asphalt to a desired temperature. If you\’ve ever watched the road being paved by a crew and you\’ve seen how dirty and messy the process can be. Since asphalt driveways don\’t last longer than concrete driveways, you need to do it again each 20 years.

It requires significantly less energy to build concrete driveways, which makes it a more sustainable option for people who have environmental concerns. Since the driveway you choose to construct will last for 30 or more years it isn\’t necessary to be concerned about re-installing it for a long period of duration.

As you can discern concrete driveways provide many advantages for homeowners. Concrete driveways are attractive and eco-friendly. It is also kid-friendly and will help you keep more money in your account in the future. If you\’re looking for an asphalt driveway Cesar\’s Concrete is committed to high-quality work, affordable prices and customer satisfaction. Concrete is our forte with a group of expert and committed professionals who can install the perfect driveway for your property. We urge all potential customers to look for deals to ensure that we offer the most competitive bargains around.

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