Best Driveway Materials To Buy

The most popular driveway materials in the U.S. include concrete, gravel asphalt paver stones bricks, and shell. To select the most suitable driveway material for your home take into consideration your climate, the material and their installation costs in addition to the durability, aesthetics, maintenance costs and ease of repair. Before making your choice, you should follow this guide to determine which kind of driveway would be most appropriate for your needs.

How to Choose the best Material for your Driveway

Your driveway is usually the first and last impression a prospective buyer is presented with about your home. It also has a significant role to play in curb appeal. However, it\’s also a vital option that must be able to withstand decades of exposure to the elements and the burden of cars. When deciding which driveway material is the most appealing to choose, take into consideration the following aspects:

  • price:Find the right material and install cost that be within your financial budget.
  • Usage: Parking, play area or work area
  • Foundation already in place A foundation that is new will raise the cost.
  • Climate: Temperature extremes limit driveway surface choice.
  • Cosmetics Color patterns and style impact the appearance and cost.
  • Sustainability:Consider green driveway products and take a look at the guidelines for sustainable green driveways..

Different kinds of driveway materials

There\’s a wide range of driveway material options that each have unique benefits. We\’ve listed the top ones to help you make an informed choice.


Concrete has become a adored driveway material because of its strength, durability and the variety of colours. It\’s an ideal option for humid and hot climates.


  • Budget-friendly: Concrete driveway installation costs $4-$15 per square foot.
  • Durable lasts for many decades, with very little care
  • Multi-purpose: May be colored or stamped to improve the appearance of the HTML0.
  • Sustainable: Made of natural materials that can be recycled.


  • A foundation can be prone to cracking if it is not a solid foundation
  • Poured concrete isn\’t suitable to slopes.
  • This is why it is not advised to salt during winter months, except if sealed
  • If sealed, susceptible to the damage that can be caused by thawing and freezing cycles


Asphalt driveways are cost-effective and can be used in temperatures that are below zero. It is one of the most efficient options when it comes to cold-climate driveways. Materials.


  • is a good choice for winter, and is able to tolerate an increase in the volume of water and a decrease in quantity of water during cycles of freeze and thaw.
  • Affordable and cost-effective cost of building the driveway constructed of asphalt ranges from $7 and $13 per square foot comprising the material and labour.
  • This is suitable for use on slopes
  • Stamps and colors can be stamped and colored.


  • It\’s uncomfortable to walk on during the summer months.
  • There is a possibility for cracks and distortions occur without a foundation
  • Petroleum-based products: Not green
  • Regular maintenance is required.


Gravel is a recognizable driveway material available in numerous colors that can be utilized to compliment any house.


  • Affordable: An excellent option for covering large regions. Gravel driveways cost about $1.25-$2 every area..
  • A wide range of colors shape and size combinations can be created to help you create your unique design.
  • Locally-sourced gravel is cheaper and is also more eco-friendly.
  • It is ideal to winter temperatures. Offers traction even in cold and wet conditions.


  • Not recommended for driveways that have slopes that are sloping.
  • Many times, you will need to do frequent (although simple) cleaning and maintenance. The gravel drips down the sides of the lawns before falling onto the vehicles that travel through it.
  • The more challenging part is to remove dust and debris on driveways than smooth surfaces.
  • As time passes, stone fragments are removed or removed by vehicles, and the driveway might require replenishing each and every so often.


Brick driveways are a great way to add style to your house . If laid correctly, they can last for years.


  • A broad range of colors and patterns is accessible.
  • Durable and sturdy extremely strong
  • The maintenance costs for HTML0 are low
  • It is a valuable addition to your property.


  • Costly: Brick driveway installation costs between $10 to $30 for each zone.
  • The subsurface might shift if the subsurface is not properly prepared
  • Needs regular maintenance
  • It is suggested that you seal your area two times each year.


Resin driveways are stunning and long-lasting. They also provide great grip.


  • A driveway constructed of resin costs between $8-12 per sq ft.
  • Easy to install and takes only few hours to cure
  • A minimum amount of maintenance is required


  • It\’s un-doable. Requires specialist installation.
  • In warmer regions, you\’ll require resin with UV protection to last for a long period of time.
  • Not appropriate for daily high volume of traffic

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