Most Popular Stamped Concrete

As a stamped concrete contractor myself, I construct lots of stamped concrete walkways, patios and pool decks.

I surveyed 100\’s of other stamped concrete contractors in the U.S. and asked them to list their most popular designs.

Below are the most popular designs for stamped concrete that the contractors mentioned they used the most.

The pattern I chose to create this concrete stamped patio is Majestic Ashlar by Butterfield Colors.

It was added Gull gray color integral to the mix. I used 1 bag for each yard. I also utilized a charcoal release powder that was deep.

This color combo is the one I choose for many different stamp designs. It works with almost every thing!


#1. The most well-known patterns for stamps are Ashlar slate.

This is the design I use the most too.

There are various size of Ashlar slate based on the stamp manufacturer the stamp maker purchased his stamps from.

This image has a mocha brown color as an integral color, along with walnut release.

#2. Wood Plank

The wood-look is extremely well-known.

Concrete can appear like wood, as you can observe.

Wood stamp patterns are available in sizes of 6 inches sizes, 12 inches, and 16 inches large.

Mocha brown color that is integral with walnut release.

#3. Seamless Slate

The stamp design really emphasizes its slate effect.

Concrete that is stamped to look like slate is an excellent base for paths, patios and decks for pools.

#4. Seamless Stone

The stone texture pattern gives concrete the appearance like real stone.

Another one I like I have stamped lots of concrete using this method too.

#5. Arizona Flagstone

This pattern is made up of multiple sizes stones as well as stones that have random shapes.

The grout lines that are uneven make the concrete appear of natural stones.

The most well-known pattern of all the \”stone\” designs.

#6. Roman Slate

The texture of slate is typical. Roman slate looks great on any patio.

A majority of the colors of browns and tans are suitable for this design.

#7. Italian Slate

Another stamp pattern within the slate family, but with the texture being slightly different.

#8. Seamless Old Granite

The old granite pattern is well-known for stamping concrete steps and stairs.

The veins of this stamp pattern create it to appear like granite.

A gray concrete color that is released with charcoal offers the hues that come from natural granite.

Gull gray is an integral color that has charcoal release.

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