Concrete Patio: Breaking it Up

The concrete patio you have now has had a rough time and shows obvious indications that it is in need replacing. If your patio is suffering from cracks that are deep, losing its shine, or is shifting, then it\’s time to get it demolished and the professional concrete installer install the new one. Demolishing your concrete patio may seem like a daunting project, but based on a few aspects like the size of your patio, it could be a task you could complete by yourself. Not only will taking down the patio yourself cost you less however, it will provide you with a feeling of satisfaction. Of course there are people who believe that tearing down the patio is an excellent idea to do on a weekend.

Things You Should Remove from Your Patio

Your patio\’s concrete has been faithfully providing you with many years of enjoyment However it was not designed to last for a lifetime. The effects of time, impacts and weather has affected your patio and you\’re wondering if it\’s time replacing. There are indicators to be looking for when it is time to get your patio demolished and taken away.

CrackingThe truth is that while cracks and cracks within concrete are normal but deep cracks can be the sign that it\’s about time to get your patio repaired.

Appearance In the event that you\’re cement patio seems overdue it\’s going to look discolored and stained, which could mean that it\’s the right time to contact your concrete contractor and get it replaced.

breaking upIf you drop the weights you use for your workout on your patio could cause large pieces of concrete, a deteriorated patio will split by itself. If your patio is missing large chunks of concrete, it\’s time to buy a new one.

Drainage ProblemsIf you observe that your patio is retaining water even after it\’s been rained on it could be because of inadequate drainage and is a sign it\’s time to remove it. Problems with drainage will continue to continue to linger and eventually lead to more damage.

Cleaning Your Concrete Patio

The majority of concrete patios aren\’t strengthened, which means that they do not have the rebar that is why using a jackhammer is an ideal method of breaking concrete into pieces manageable. But, if you\’re taking down a patio that is small and you have a bit of durability and strength an oversized sledgehammer might suffice. In the event that your deck is strengthened it will require massive equipment and should have an expert handle the task.

There\’s a little preparation work to be done prior to starting your demolition event. You will need to take away the grill and furniture from your patio. Also, you should take care to cover any doors or windows in the vicinity to keep them safe from debris that could fly into them. In the event of flying debris, you\’ll be required be wearing eye protectors and head protection, gloves, and ensure that your legs and arms are protected. Security in these kinds of circumstances is always a top priority.

Find a good place to begin the process. If there\’s a place that has a crack deep this is a good starting point. If there aren\’t any cracks, select the corner you want to start. If you are beginning to use your sledgehammer, do not swing it over the concrete. Instead, let it fall on its own and let gravity take care of the heavy lifting. The sledgehammer\’s downward motion on concrete can cause injuries. When you have gotten through a tiny section break it down and remove any dirt. Keep going until the patio is totally damaged.

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