Common Concrete Problems And Fixes

Concrete can bring elegance and durability to all kinds of residential and commercial projects. It\’s great for driveways, parking spaces, patios, roads walkways, and more. Concrete can also give an attractive appearance.

Concrete has numerous advantages it\’s not always flawless. Poor processes and improper maintenance, in conjunction with specific weather conditions, can cause a variety of problems that can affect the appearance and durability of the. Thankfully, there are many ways to resolve concrete problems can be resolved.


Cracks happen to be the number one common problem that concrete faces. If your concrete is cracking out of the control joints-joints that were deliberately placed in concrete to prevent cracks–don\’t be concerned. While concrete is curing, it expands naturally. This shrinkage may cause cracks to the joints that were put in a planned manner. Concrete is solid and is classified as a premium material.

One way to repair fractures within concrete is to fill the concrete with caulk or concrete filler, or the sealing concrete which goes through to block water from entering, which minimizes freeze-thaw damage.


The reason for discoloration can be due to a variety of reasons like weather exposure to materials or the time it takes to cure. While it might not be attractive but there are numerous ways to fix the problem.

Another option is using an expert concrete cleaning service. These cleaners are designed to enhance the look of the concrete and could be the sole factor you require for making your concrete look normal. In the event that any concrete cleaning products you\’ve attempted do not yield the desired result, you must consider the use of the concrete stain. The staining process is available in a range of shades. You will have a consistent appearance to the concrete you are using this option.


Crazing is an expression used to describe a series of small cracks that are not deep enough to penetrate the concrete surface. It is more of an aesthetic issue and not a structural issue which means that even if cracks are present your concrete is in good shape. The majority of crazing occurs as a result of dry-out issues that are not properly addressed or under-finished. If you find crazing in your concrete contact the concrete company responsible for the installation of the concrete.

Do not let these issues create havoc on the appearance or strength of the concrete. If you\’re experiencing any of these issues and require the help of a specialist contact an experienced concrete professional. Ozinga often works with a range of concrete contractors throughout the Midwest We\’re happy to suggest one of them to help you.

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