Concrete Patio

Concrete Steps (also known as Concrete stairs are the main focal point of many entrances to businesses and homes.

Concrete stairs may be formed and colored as well as designed to suit the look of any entrance. It is possible to color and stamp the concrete stairs to appear like brick, stone or wood, and many different designs. Concrete steps that have an aggregate-like finish that is exposed are popular due to their attractive appearance and non-slip surfaces.

The flexibility and strength of concrete as well as the minimal maintenance required makes the decision of using concrete stairs instead of wood stairs an easy choice. Concrete stairs won\’t warp fade, crack, or become rotten. To keep your stairs looking new, all you need to do is wash them with pressure and seal the stairwells.

The mix for outdoor concrete stairs should have at least a 4000-psi mix that has a low water/cement ratio. In colder climates, you should consider air-entrainment within the concrete to keep it from freezing, thawing and chemicals for deicing.

In the majority of cases, buying the concrete from an Redi-mix Concrete firm and then having it delivered to the form of a concrete truck is the most efficient, speediest and most affordable way to get it.

If you\’re planning the design of your concrete staircase or steps, the most important measurements are the riser\’s length and depth of the tread. Risers should range from 4 to 7 inches tall and tread depths should be about 18 inches to 11.

The ratio of the tread can be different in accordance with the situation local building codes must define the maximum riser\’s height and the minimum tread depth.

Other design alternatives for concrete stairs:

  1. To ensure proper drainage, tilt the steps to the left by 1/4 inch for each foot.
  2. The top of the concrete staircases leading to entrances ought to not be greater seven inches lower than the threshold for the door.
  3. Landings that break the cement steps five feet or more is a great idea. The landings must be at least three feet in width.
  4. A tread that is deeper and shorter rises will allow for more natural stride. If you decide to install attractive concrete steps or plain gray cement steps you\’ve made the best decision. According to me, cement is always a fantastic option.

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